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Backup with these DeDuplicating Encryption Tools

Data is growing both in volume and value. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to back up and restore this information quickly and reliably. As society has adapted to technology and learned how to depend on computers and mobile devices, there are few that can deal with the reality of losing important data. Of firms that suffer the loss of data, 30% fold within a year, 70% cease trading within five years. This highlights the value of data.

With data growing in volume, improving storage utilization is pretty important. In computing, data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data. This technique therefore improves storage utilization.

Data is not only of interest to its creator. Governments, competitors, criminals, snoopers may be very keen to access your data. They might want to steal your data, extort money from you, or see what you are up to. Encryption is essential to protect your data.

So the solution is a deduplicating encrypting backup software.

Making file backups is an essential activity for all users, yet many users do not take adequate steps to protect their data. Whether a computer is being used in a corporate environment, or for private use, the machine’s hard disk may fail without any warning signs. Alternatively, some data loss occurs as a result of human error. Without regular backups being made, data will inevitably be lost even if the services of a specialist recovery organisation are used.

Ratings chart for deduplicating encryption backup tools

Let’s explore these backup tools. For each program we have compiled its own portal page, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, screenshots, together with links to relevant resources.

DeDuplicating Encryption Tools
resticFast, efficient and secure backup software
BorgDeduplicating archiver with compression and encryption
DuplicityIncrementally backs up files and directory by encrypting tar-format volumes
DuplicatiStore encrypted backups online
bupProvides an efficient way to backup a system based on the git packfile format
BackupPCHigh-performance, enterprise-grade system for backup
UrBackupClient/server backup system
VortaDesktop client for Borg Backup
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