XRoar – Dragon & CoCo emulator

XRoar is an emulator for the Dragon 32, Dragon 64, and Tandy CoCo computers all originally released in the early ’80s.

The emulator runs under Unix-like OSes (using SDL for video and OSS for audio) and the GP32 handheld gaming device.

The Dragon was an 8-bit personal computer based upon the Motorola MC6809E microprocessor.

Features include:

  • Emulates Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Tano Dragon, Tandy CoCo 1/2.
  • Emulates DragonDOS, Delta and RSDOS disk systems.
  • Raw and translated keyboard modes.
  • Reads and writes virtual cassettes (“.cas” files).
  • Reads audio files as cassette input.
  • Reads and writes DMK format virtual floppy diskettes.
  • Reads (and supports in-memory writing of) JVC and VDK format virtual floppy diskettes.
  • Custom snapshot format.
  • Cross-platform support – runs under Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

Website: www.6809.org.uk/xroar
Support: Manual
Developer: Ciaran Anscomb
License: GNU GPL v2 or later


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