VIPS – image processing library

VIPS is an open source image processing software package. It copes well with large images, works with multi-core processors, working with colour, scientific analysis and general research & development.

The software has two main parts: libvips is the image-processing library and nip2 is the graphical user-interface.

The GUI aims to be about half-way between Photoshop and Excel.

Features include:

  • Range of filters.
  • Arithmetic operations.
  • Colour processing.
  • Histrograms.
  • Geometric transforms.
  • Supports ten pixel formats.
  • Supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG and WebP, and scientific formats like FITS, OpenEXR, Matlab, Analyze, PFM, Radiance, OpenSlide and DICOM.

Support: Blog
Developer: John Cupitt, Kirk Martinez, Joe Padfield
License: GNU LGPL


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