SystemRescueCd – system rescue disk

SystemRescueCd is an open source Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick. It can also be booted over the network using PXE.

It enables users and system administrators to administer or repair systems and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on computers, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions.

The rescue disk comes with a lot of software such as disk management tools, network administration programs and simple text editors. It can be used for both Linux and Windows computers, and on desktops as well as servers.

Features include:

  • GNU Parted and GParted to partition disks and re-size partitions, including FAT32 and NTFS.
  • fdisk to edit the disk partition table.
  • PartImage, disk imaging software which copies only used sectors.
  • TestDisk to recover lost partition and PhotoRec to recover lost data.
  • FSArchiver a system tool that allows you to save the contents of a file-system to a compressed archive file.
  • A CD and DVD burner: dvd+rw-tools.
  • Two bootloaders: GRUB and SYSLINUX.
  • Web browsers: Midori, ELinks.
  • File manager: emelFM2.
  • Archiving and unarchiving abilities.
  • File system tools: file system create, delete, resize, move.
  • Support for many file systems, including full NTFS read/write access (via NTFS-3G) as well as FAT32 and Mac OS HFS.
  • Support for Intel x86 and PowerPC systems, including Macs.
  • Ability to create boot disk for operating systems.
  • Support for Windows registry editing and password changing from Linux.
  • Boot FreeDOS, Memtest86+, hardware diagnostics and other boot disks from a single CD.

Support: Manual
Developer: Francois Dupoux
License: Various


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