14 Best Free and Open Source Linux Benchmark Tools

A benchmark is the act of running computer programs in order to assess the performance of computer hardware and software applications. Hardware benchmarking assesses many different attributes such as the performance of the processor, memory, graphics card, hard disk, and the network. There are two different types of benchmarks: synthetic and application. Synthetic benchmark stress a component, such as continuously writing and reading data. Application benchmarks measure the performance of real-world applications, such as databases and servers.

The use of benchmark software enables system testers and users to obtain an objective and independent way of assessing the performance of hardware. By making changes to the system, users can determine whether there has been an improvement in the performance of that hardware. The results from benchmark software can help make important decisions about any necessary changes to the hardware to identify any bottlenecks in the system. However, it should be borne in mind that benchmarks are not always precise and can be open to manipulation by hardware developers who can design hardware to do particularly well in specific tests which are not replicated generally.

There are a wide range of Linux benchmarking tools that are released under an open source license. To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled our recommendations. We also include tools that stress a system. All the software featured is free and open source.

Ratings chart for the best free and open source benchmark tools

Click the links in the table below to learn all about each tool.

Benchmark Tools
Phoronix Test SuiteComprehensive testing and benchmarking platform
hyperfineRust-based command-line benchmarking tool
s-tuiTerminal-based stress test and monitoring tool
IOzoneFilesystem benchmark tool
fioScriptable I/O tool for storage benchmarks and drive testing
sysbenchScriptable database and system performance benchmark
stress-ngStress next generation
HardInfoSystem Profiler and Benchmark
GtkStressTestingStress and monitor hardware components
KDiskMarkHDD and SSD benchmarking with friendly graphical user interface
netperfA network performance benchmark
bonnie++Benchmark suite software
GNOME DisksView, modify and configure disks and media
LLCbenchLow Level Architectural Characterization Benchmark Suite

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