Subtitle Composer – KDE/QT subtitle editor

Subtitle Composer is an open source text-based subtitles editor that supports basic operations as well as more advanced ones, aiming to become an improved version of Subtitle Workshop for every platform supported by KDE.

Features include:

  • Open/Save Text Subtitle Formats:
    • SubRip/SRT, MicroDVD, SSA/ASS, MPlayer, TMPlayer and YouTube captions.
  • Open/OCR Graphics Subtitle Formats:
    • VobSub (.idx/.sub/.rar), BluRay/PGS (*.sup), formats supported by ffmpeg (DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS).
  • Demux Graphics/Text Subtitle Stream from video file:
    • SRT, SSA/ASS, MOV text, MicroDVD, Graphic formats supported by ffmpeg (DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS).
  • Speech Recognition from audio/video file using PocketSphinx.
  • Smart language/text encoding detection.
  • Live preview of subtitles in integrated video player (MPV, GStreamer, MPlayer, Xine, Phonon) w/ audio stream selection.
  • Preview/editing of subtitles on audio waveform w/ audio stream selection.
  • Quick and easy subtitle sync:
    • Dragging several anchors/graftpoints and stretching timeline.
    • Time shifting and scaling, lines duration re-calculation, framerate conversion, etc.
    • Joining and splitting of subtitle files.
  • Side by side subtitle translations.
  • Text styles (italic, bold, underline, stroke, color).
  • Spell checking.
  • Detection of timing errors in subtitles.

Developer: Mladen Milinkovic, Sergio Pistone, and translators
License: GNU GPL v2

Subtitle Composer

Subtitle Composer is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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One comment

  1. Brilliant subtitle software that shows subtitles directly on the waveform. Its benefits from an excellent intuitive interface that makes it far easier to use than other subtitling tools. The waveform editor used easy-to-see waveforms and block sections that are easily adjustable. I find it easier to use that Aegisub, which is excellent but in need of redesigns of its interface.

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