– collaborative software (OGo) is an Open Source collaborative software (groupware) server for multiple clients.

Groupware is software intended create an environment that will foster communication and coordination among a group of people. Functions include: Project and task definition, collaborative writing, workflow systems, group calendaring, hypertext linking, email and mailing lists, and newsgroups.

The OGo software can be run from a standard web browser on a network-connected computer.

OGo provides a very flexible environment in which we may create workspaces that may be used for just about anything.

OGo is a direct descendant of the SKYRiX 4.1 groupware server.

Features include:

  • An XML-RPC API for developing clients or integrating with other applications.
  • Support for network hotsync of Palm PDA devices.
  • The ZideStore integration server:
    • WebDAV access to projects files and notes.
    • CalDAV support for clients like Mozilla Sunbird.
    • GroupDAV access to groupware information.
    • Retrieval of calendars in iCalendar format via HTTP.
    • A commercial Microsoft Office Outlook plugin (Zidelook).
  • Full featured scheduling:
    • Conflict reporting.
    • Free/Busy.
    • Resource reservation.
  • Comprehensive Contact management.
  • Document Sharing.
  • Project and task management including task workflow.
  • IMAP4/MIME Webmail Client with good integration to projects / documents.
  • Arbitrary linking of objects to represent relationships.
  • Task management.
  • Resources Planner.

Support: Docs
Developer: Helge Heß and many others
License: GNU GPL or LGPL


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