Mondo Rescue – disaster recovery solution

Mondo is a free, reliable, disaster recovery solution.

This tool backs up your Linux server or workstation to tape, CD-R, CD-RW, NFS or hard disk partition. In the event of catastrophic data loss, you will be able to restore all of your data [or as much as you want, from bare metal if necessary. Mondo is in use by numerous blue-chip enterprises and large organizations, dozens of smaller companies, and tens of thousands of users.

Mondo is comprehensive. Mondo supports LVM, RAID, ext2, ext3, JFS, XFS, ReiserFS, VFAT, and can support additional file systems easily. It supports adjustments in disk geometry, including migration from non-RAID to RAID. Mondo runs on all major Linux distributions and is getting better all the time. You can even use it to backup non-Linux partitions, such as NTFS.

Features include:

  • Backup a non-RAID file system and restore it as RAID including the root partition.
  • Backup a system running on one format and restore as another format.
  • Restructure partitions, e.g. shrink/enlarge, reassign devices, add hard drives, etc, before partitioning and formatting drives. Mondo will restore data and amend /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/fstab accordingly.
  • Backup Linux/Windows systems, including the boot sectors.
  • Verify the integrity of a computer.

Support: HOWTO
Developer: Bruno Cornec, Andree Leidenfrost, Lars Rupp, Mike Roark
License: GNU GPL v2

Mondo Rescue

Mondo is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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