Crimson Fields – free turn-based tactical war game

Crimson Fields is a hex-based tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle ™.

Two players command their units on a map of hexagons, trying to accomplish mission objectives ranging from defending important locations to simply destroying all enemy forces. Damaged units may be repaired or replaced by new recruits, while victorious squadrons will improve their abilities so they will be even more difficult to beat next time. Each tile can be made of a different terrain. Different units have different degrees of mobility in different terrain. For example, tanks can move quickly on roads, slowly in forests, and cannot move at all on water.

The game can either be played in ‘hot seat’ mode, via email, or against the computer. There are tools available to create custom maps and campaigns. You can also play the original Battle Isle and History Line maps if you have a copy of these games.

Features include:

  • TCP/IP networking.
  • Tutorial missions.
  • Support for difficulty levels (handicaps).
  • cf2bmp utility to create map images.
  • Cross-platform support: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, Dreamcast and AROS. It is also ported to a number of embedded devices: Sharp Zaurus, Nokia 770, Windows CE, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC), Palm OS 5, Android, iStation V43 and GP2X.
  • Internationalization support.

Support: Manual, Mailing List
Developer: Jens Granseuer
License: GNU GPL

Crimson Fields

Crimson Fields is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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