Trinity Rescue Kit – live Linux distribution

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) is an open source live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is perfectly usable to also solve Linux recovery issues.

It has custom tools to easily recover deleted files, clone Windows installations over the network, perform antivirus sweeps with two different antivirus products, reset windows passwords, read and write on NTFS partitions, edit partition layout and much much more. Trinity Rescue Kit has been heavily adapted from start-up scripts.

TRK can be booted from a bootable CD, from a USB stick/disk, or from the network over PXE. Whilst it has a graphical startup menu, the rescue kit is otherwise command-line only.

Features include:

  • 6 consoles.
  • Self burning Trinity Rescue Kit.
  • Auto-update for new antivirus definitions/drivers.
  • Data Recovery Tools.
  • Clone Windows over a network.
  • Antivirus Scanner:
    • ClamAV.
    • F-Prot.
    • Vexira.
    • Avast.
  • Reset Windows passwords.
  • Read/Write to NTFS partitions through ntfs-3g:
    • clonentfs allows copying of all used space on a drive.
  • Edit partition layout.
  • SSH Server.
  • Samba server:
    • Share all local drives on network as a user or a guest.
  • Logical Volume Management.
  • Proxy server support.
  • Bridging Capabilities:
    • Allows tcpdump when traffic passes other computers.
  • pi, a contributed tool which is an automated backup wrapper script originally for Partition Image.

Support: Howto
Developer: Tom Kerremans
License: Derivative of other programs licensed under the GNU General Public License (or related licenses)


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