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tori – terminal-based music player

We often look at software that’s in an alpha stage of development. Some projects fizzle out without ever reaching a mature release. Others grow into mighty oaks. That’s the nature of open source.

tori is an example of a project that’s in a very early stage of development. This is a terminal-based music player and playlist manager that can play music from local files and external URLs. It’s billed as a frictionless music player, although it’s not clear what this really means.

The developer of tori started the project because the terminal-based music player he was using (the popular and polished musikcube) doesn’t support playback of external URLs.

tori is written in the Rust programming language and published under an open source license.


We tested tori in Manjaro. There’s a binary package in the Arch User Repository which is maintained by tori’s developer.

We installed tori with the yay helper in Manjaro:

$ yay -S tori-bin

If you want visualizations, you’ll need to install cava, m4, autoconf, and automake if they are not already present on your system.

$ yay -S cava m4 autoconf automake

If you want to stream external URLs, you’ll also need to install yt-dlp.

$ yay -S yt-dlp

On the first run, you’ll be prompted to create a playlist directory.

It seems your playlist directory (/home/luke/Music/tori) does not exist!
Would you like to create it? (Y/n)

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Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman
11 months ago

What’s memory consumption like?

Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman
11 months ago

musikcube is so much better in just about every area.