tint2 – simple and light open source taskbar

In Operation

There are 2 programs, tint2 and tint2conf.

tint2 offers a panel with launcher icons, taskbar, system, tray and a clock. tint2 supports both fake and real transparency. For real transparency you’ll need to activate a compositor.

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There’s pager like functionality which lets you move tasks between workspaces, and switch between workspaces.

You can run multiple panels by using executing tint2 with different configuration files. This is useful if you use multiple monitors. There’s also customizable mouse events.

Here’s an image of tint2’s theming GUI tool. Launching this tool lets you choose from the included themes, and customize the sides of the screen.

tint2 - panel themes
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For each theme, you can customize gradients, backgrounds, panel, panel items, taskbar, task buttons, launcher, clock, system tray, battery, and tooltips. Here’s a very short video showing these options.

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