TextRoom – full-screen text editor

TextRoom is an open source basic full-screen rich text editor for writers.

TextRoom seeks to help you start writing right away by providing distraction free environment to your liking, as well as a familiar set of keyboard shortcuts to control its behavior.

The software is Qt based.

Features include:

  • Export your documents to Google Docs.
  • MiniFlo mindmapper based on Flo by Ian Reinhart Geiser.
  • GetAWord random word generator.
  • MusicRoom – a very basic music player.
  • Basic rich text editing: bold, italic, underline, and changing font, font size and color.
  • Configurable statusbar colors and fonts.
  • Configurable editor width and height.
  • Configurable tab stop width and paragraph spacing.
  • OpenOffice, Writer Document (odt) export.
  • Insert images to your documents.
  • Configurable behavior: full-screen on/off, auto save, flow mode (disable delete and backspace keys), load last document on startup, remember position in text for the last file.
  • Insert current time and/or date in a configurable fashion.
  • Live word count for all text and selected text.
  • Live character count option.
  • Configurable page count option.
  • Live clock on statusbar.
  • Targets.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the most common tasks.
  • Typing sounds similar to a typewriter which can be disabled.
  • Spellcheck with hunspell (US English and Turkish, for now.)
  • Printing support.
  • Background images.
  • Transparent statusbar.
  • File association with .txr files.
  • Restoring all settings to defaults.
  • Plain text only or rich text options.
  • Scratchpad.
  • Line indent (Shift+Enter ignores indent).
  • RTL support.
  • Aligment (Right, Left, Centered and Justified).
  • Cross-platform support.

Website: code.google.com/archive/p/textroom
Developer: Petar Toushkov, Omer Bahri Gordebak
License: GNU GPL v3


TextRoom is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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