Tennix 2011 World Tennis Championship Tour – tennis game

Tennix is a single and multiplayer 2D tennis game.

Tennix allows the gamer to play against the computer or in multi-player mode against a friend on the same computer. Input methods are: Keyboard (several keybindings), Mouse, Joysticks and Gamepads.

Matches can be played at several locations throughout the world by selecting a location from the world map. Depending on the current time, you will play either at night or in daylight.

The game also features different weather effects, such as rain, fog and wind, which can be enabled separately.

There are different computer AI players that can easily be extended using the Python language, so gamers have easier and harder opponents in single-player mode.

The game has realistic physics while still retaining “arcade”-style quick and easy gameplay.

This is an SDL port of a DOS game written in 2003.

Features include:

  • Simple image loading.
  • All game graphics are customizable by using a standard graphics editor.
  • Sound effects.
  • Stadium audience sounds.
  • Realism, e.g. ball shadows.

Website: icculus.org/tennix
Developer: Thomas Perl
License: GNU GPL v2


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