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RustPlayer is a local audio player and m3u8 radio player

I first started to really appreciate the versatility and awesomeness of console-based software after repairing a broken system using the ubiquitous vi text editor. It was figuratively a life saver. I’m always keen on exploring other wonderful console-based software, particularly multimedia software.

RustPlayer is an audio player that plays locally hosted files. It’s also a radio player. It sports a terminal user interface and, as you’ll have guessed from its name, it’s written in Rust.

The software is published under an open source license.


I spend most of my time using Manjaro if only because it has an extremely wide range of software available with easy installation.

There’s a package for RustPlayer in the Arch User Repository (AUR). Trying to install it wasn’t successful as the package failed the validity check.

RustPlayer yay package

As time was short, I bypassed the validity checks.

$ yay -S --mflags --skipinteg rustplayer

I don’t recommend this approach as the norm as the AUR is not a trusted source.

RustPlayer is installed in the /usr/bin directory.

This is cross-platform software with the developer providing a package for Debian/Ubuntu. Besides Linux, RustPlayer also runs under macOS and Windows. I’ve only tested the software under Linux.

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