Reco – audio recording app designed for elementary OS

In Operation

RecoReco focuses on a single task, capturing audio.

The image to the left shows Reco running. Let’s have a look at what its very simple interface offers.

At the top, you can choose between Reco showing a light background or a dark background. The three horizontal bars icon lets you disable following your system style.

Next there are four recording options. The first two options let us set a delay before recording starts, and also define the length for the recording (leaving it set at 0 means the recording will carry on until it’s stopped). The third option lets us record from a microphone, the computer or both sources at once. And the final recording option lets us choose to record in stereo or mono.

By default, recordings are saved to the WAV format, but we can also choose from AAC, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and Opus formats. There’s a slider to automatically save files, and we can select the folder to save them to.

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