QMPlay2 – Qt based video and audio player

Widgets – Playlist

All good multimedia software offers playlist functionality. QMPlay2 offers support for PLS, M3U, and XSPF. M3U (MP3 URL or Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator in full) is a computer file format for a multimedia playlist. XML Shareable Playlist Format, pronounced spiff, is an XML-based playlist format for digital media.


A lot of the playlist functionality is accessible from the Playlist menu. Besides loading and saving playlists, you can create groups, lock entries, sort, and more.

There’s no support for playlists for IP TV.

Widgets – Lyrics

No self-respecting music player comes without lyrics functionality. We all like to sing along with music.


Lyrics support is quite basic. There’s no auto-highlighting (offered by ncmpy), nor auto-scrolling. And, unlike Cantata, you don’t get a choice of lyrics providers. QMPlay2 retrieves lyrics from a Polish web site (Tekstowo), but compared with Cantata, the software sometimes misses lyrics that are available from other lyric providers.

Widgets – MediaBrowser


This is one of the widgets I rarely use because it offers little content that interests me.

The browser is designed to let you search MyFreeMP3 (although this appears broken), AnimeOdcinki, a Polish based anime site, and Wbijam (another Polish anime site).

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  1. Hello Thanks for sharing project. However, can you update ReadMe to build code in QT windows and run. Cannot see .pro file

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