osCMax – e-commerce/shopping cart web application

osCMax is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. It is PHP 5 and MySQL 5 powered.

osCMax is based on the ecommerce application osCommerce MS2 and is an extension of that application.

The software includes the most requested features that are missing from the standard osCommerce package.

osCMax can run on any PHP 3 or higher enabled web server, and on any environment that PHP and MySQL supports.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Products and Categories.
  • Gift Vouchers/Coupons.
  • Download/Virtual Product support.
  • Secure/Stable code base.
  • Web Based admin Panel.
  • Unlimited product Specials.
  • Separate customer groups (Retail, Wholesale, or add your own groups).
  • Basic Template Structure 1.5f.
  • Credit/Gift Voucher/Coupons 5.13 + all patches.
  • Admin With Access Levels 2.1.
  • Download Controller v5.3.
  • New Attribute Manager v4b.
  • Printable Catalog v3.0.
  • Down For Maintenance 1.1b + bugfixes.
  • Shipping Per Product.
  • Separate Pricing Per Customer v4.1.1.
  • Category Box Enhancement.
  • Specials On Main Page by Default.
  • Column Product Listing + admin toggle and controls.
  • Dynamic Meta Tag Generator.
  • X-Sell 1.2 + SPPC mod.
  • Edit Orders 1.59.
  • Categories Descriptions.
  • Easy Populate 2.76b.
  • OSC-Affiliate 2.02.
  • Define Mainpage Max + admin controls.
  • Define Static Content Pages + admin controls (Conditions, Privacy, Shipping).
  • WYSIWYG FCKeditor 2.0fc osCMax (supports IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape).
  • Category Box Bullet Graphics.
  • Dynamic Mo Pics 3.0.
  • All Products Page 2.3.
  • Coolmenu/DHTML menu.
  • Admin Categories Search by model number v1.0.
  • Article Manager 1.2b.
  • Purchase Without Account .82 + fixes.
  • Country/State dropdown 1.10 (all customer info pages).
  • Recover Cart Sales 1.4f.
  • Wishlist v2.4b.
  • Customer Loyalty Discount v1.3.
  • Batch Print Center v3.
  • Sales/Tax Reportig v2.1.1.
  • Quantity Tracking Pro v4.2.
  • Infobox Admin v2.2.1.
  • Step By Step Manual Order entry v1.4.
  • Page Performance Parse time v1.6.
  • MS3 Tax Class.
  • Site Map 2.2.
  • LoginBox 5.5.
  • MS2 Cache Class v1.1.
  • Page Cache v1.5.
  • Ultimate SEO Urls v2.0.
  • Friendly Admin Panel v2.
  • Payment Modules:
    • Authorize.Net Consolidated Credit Card v1.7.
    • osCommerce core Paypal IPN v1.1.
    • Linkpoint.
    • Cash on Delivery.
    • Standard osC Credit Card.
    • EFS Net.
    • GeoTrust QuickPayments.
    • iPayment.
    • Check/Money order.
    • NOCHEX.
    • PayBox Credit Card.
    • 2CheckOut.
    • PSIGate.
    • SECPay.
  • Shipping Modules:
    • FedX Direct Real Time Quotes v2.04.
    • UPS XML v1.1.5.
    • USPS Methods v2.7d + insurance.
    • Flat Rate.
    • Per Item Shipping.
    • Table Rate.
    • Zone Rates.

Website: www.oscmax.com
Support: Forums
Developer: osCMax
License: GNU GPL v2

osCMax is written in PHP. Learn PHP with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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