Online Gaming Apps for Linux Users

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

With over 3 billion active users, the games industry continues growing and is predicted to almost double by 2027. And while most people prefer playing on macOS, Windows, or their mobile devices, some are still loyal to more old-fashioned options.

Therefore, Linux gaming is alive, but this OS is not so simple. You’ll have to download additional useful tools to enjoy your favourite games. We want to provide you with a comprehensive guide where we have gathered all the important details that might be helpful for gamers.

Selecting the Right Linux Distribution for Gaming

The first thing to figure out before gaming on Linux OS is the availability of the necessary distributions. These operating systems are ready for installation on users’ devices. Such tools provide continuous operation of programs aimed at performing particular tasks.

Of course, Linux distributors for gaming are also available. Even though only 2-3 million players prefer Linux, they still need the appropriate programs. Of course, playing with this operating system is a little more challenging, but modern developers seem to find a solution to any problem.

How to Choose the Right Distribution?

Linux distributions help gamers enjoy the best content without switching to Windows or macOS. First, users must learn all the characteristics of the selected software, including the following:

  • Pay attention to open-source distributions
  • It should be easy to navigate and use
  • The tool must be accessible and ready

It’s worth noting that multiple Linux variations are available, which is why a single distribution cannot be suitable for each of them. Therefore, players should consider their version and choose a suitable tool depending on the initial settings.

Popular Linux Distributions for Gaming

Currently, the OS supports over 600 different distributions, and it may be difficult for users to pick the suitable one. However, some have already gained their reputation as the best options for gaming. Have a look at some:

  • Ubuntu is a tool perfect for carrying out routine tasks and playing games. It’s especially relevant for newcomers just beginning to use Linux: the distribution is known for its simplicity. Ubuntu is free, secure, and customisable, which attracts players.
  • SteamOS is another popular option often chosen by Linux users. The software is not updated anymore, so you can only enjoy the older game versions. As well as Ubuntu, SteamOS is simple and safe, so newcomers can start their gaming journey with this tool (but remember it doesn’t support NVIDIA).
  • Fedora is the most widespread distribution, allowing interaction with NVIDIA, Steam, etc. The tool enables Linux users to download and play multiple games – the installation will only take a few minutes. However, there are still troubles with stability, so gamers may face little delays during the game.

These are the top 3 distributions popular among Linux players. Consider the characteristics of your device and OS and select the suitable one. After that, it’s time to learn the best apps to dip into the gaming world.

The Best Online Gaming Apps for Linux Users

Mastering Linux is challenging, but nothing is impossible for modern players. The market constantly evolves, so developers launch new applications, making entertainment more accessible to everyone. We’ve picked the best gaming apps Linux users can take advantage of, so select the suitable one and enjoy your pastime.


It’s the most famous gaming platform, offering over 30,000 products. Of course, it couldn’t pass by those playing on Linux. Therefore, it’s enough to download the Steam game client and start immediately. The platform offers multiple free games, but most are still paid. However, remember that if you buy a product for Linux, you can also reach them from macOS or Windows.


This tool helps users monitor all the critical features when playing games. They include RAM usage, GPU, temperatures, and other factors affecting productivity. MangoHud is customizable, so every player can adjust settings according to their needs. It’s a free, open-source tool; don’t forget it when gaming on Linux.

888Casino App

This casino app allows players to reach hundreds of gaming solutions in one place. 888Casino has developed a branded application for Linux gamblers, so one of the operators allowing the lowest casino deposits can be installed on your device within a few seconds. Top poker software is now available to everyone, so just take some time to download and place your bet.


This open-source software provides the safety of games, allowing players to keep their collection for years. Lutris is the best tool to manage all the updates and save different versions of gaming solutions. It’s indispensable for players who want to run all the products smoothly without any bugs. Even if a game is considerably old, it will work properly with the help of Lutris.


This app allows gaming fans to launch products initially designed for Windows quickly. PlayOnLinux has shown high performance, providing access to the best games. The program is free, so every user can download it with a few clicks and enjoy a fantastic collection. However, remember that not all games are supported, so check everything beforehand.

Installation and Configuration Tips

Downloading and launching the necessary apps isn’t difficult, but it’s important to learn the basic features of the chosen software. The primary characteristics that should be considered include RAM, processor capacity, hard disk memory, graphic cards, and the availability of USB ports.

Tips for Aforementioned Linux Gaming Apps

Choosing the most suitable software is the primary task for users desiring to begin playing on Linux. So, choose the necessary app and ensure your PC characteristics are suitable to install it. After that, install the chosen app and pick the game for download. Remember that most applications are customisable, so you can adjust settings.

The Final Word

Even though Linux gaming is not the most common option, many players still prefer this operating system. The number of available products constantly grows, so users can try many novelties. With a range of Linux distributors for gaming, it is easy and convenient to play games.

Installing an appropriate app supporting games is mandatory, but we hope our guide will help you with your choice. Pick the best software and enjoy Linux gaming with all its benefits.