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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Linux has an abundance of mouthwatering array of excellent open source music players. But I’m always on the look out for fresh and newfangled music players.

nuclear lets you stream music over the internet. It offers easy access to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Jamendo (the latter with partial support), and there’s a plugin system to add additional services. It therefore seeks to offer a unified music environment for managing music content.

nuclear is an Electron based application written in the JavaScript programming language. It features hardware acceleration (using your GPU).

The software is in an early stage of development, with the project page warning the current version is a ‘pre-alpha early access’, with some of the functionality currently missing.


The developer provides packages for Debian / Ubuntu, as well as cross-distribution packages (AppImage and snap formats).

As I’m spending most of my spare time devoted to my weekly Raspberry Pi 4 blog, and the fact that life’s too short, I steered away from compiling the source code, but instead installed the software using a package from the Arch User Repository.

nuclear is cross-platform software, with binaries also available for Mac OS X and Windows. I did briefly test the software under Windows, but I minimize my exposure to Windows these days.

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