myMPD – standalone and lightweight web-based MPD client

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

My favorite pastime is to see an eclectic range of bands, solo artists, and orchestras live. It’s such a life-changing and exhilarating experience to be present. It’s one thing to be sitting at home listening to a CD or watching music videos on TV or on YouTube, but being with an audience, packed out in a stadium or music hall, takes it to another level. But it’s an expensive pastime, and still on hold given the coronavirus pandemic. I’m therefore listening to music from my CD collection which I’ve encoded to FLAC, a lossless audio format, and stored locally.

Linux offers a huge array of open source music players. And many of them are high quality. I’ve reviewed the vast majority for LinuxLinks, but I’m endeavoring to explore every free music player in case there’s an undiscovered gem.

MPD is a powerful server-side application for playing music. In a home environment, you can connect an MPD server to a Hi-Fi system, and control the server using a notebook or smartphone. You can, of course, play audio files on remote clients. MPD can be started system-wide or on a per-user basis.

myMPD is a standalone and lightweight web-based MPD client. Its developer claims myMPD is designed for minimal resource usage and requires only very few dependencies.


Before installing myMPD you’ll need a working installation of MPD on your system. Installing MPD is outside the scope of this review.

There are packages available for some distributions including Arch and Arch-based distros, and DietPi. But for most distributions, you’ll need to compile the source code.

$ git clone
$ cd myMPD
$ sudo ./ installdeps
$ ./ release

To install the software:

$ sudo ./ install

The project includes a mympd-config tool to generate a /etc/mympd.conf configuration file.

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3 years ago

Hi, I am the developer of myMPD. Thanks for your Review. What do you find complicated to setup myMPD?

3 years ago

I use MyMPD on a very old Rpi modelB 512MB RAM, it streams to www 24/7

I had 0 problems with installation or the initial configuration
As stated MyMPD is lightweighht and runs 24/7 on olde Rpi only question i have is how to secure it so when port is open to www how to stop www from accessing/changing the MyMPD settings?
regards & thanks jcorporation for the code.