Machine Learning in Linux: Whisper – automatic speech recognition system

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

In Operation

whisper is run from the command-line, there’s no fancy graphical user interface included with the project.

The software comes with a range of pre-trained models in varying sizes which is useful to examine the scaling properties of Whisper. Here’s the complete list: ‘tiny.en’, ‘tiny’, ‘base.en’, ‘base’, ‘small.en’, ‘small’, ‘medium.en’, ‘medium’, ‘large-v1’, ‘large-v2’, and ‘large’.

Let’s try the software using the medium model on a MP3 file (FLAC and WAV are also supported). The first time you use a model, the model is downloaded. The medium model is a 461MB download (the large model is 2.87GB download).

If we don’t specify the language with the flag --language the software automatically detects the language using up to the first 30 seconds. We can tell the software the spoken language which avoids the overhead of auto-detection. There’s support for more than 100 languages.

We want a transcription of the audio.mp3 file using the medium model. We’ll tell the software this file is spoken English.

$ whisper audio.mp3 --model medium --language English

The image below shows transcribing in progress.

whisper in action

We verify that this transcription is using our GPU.

Click image for full size

You can see our GPU has 8GB of VRAM. Note the large model won’t run on this GPU as it requires over 8GB of VRAM.

There are tons of options available which can be viewed with $ whisper --help


Whisper gets our highest recommendation. From our testing, the accuracy of transcription is excellent approaching human level robustness and accuracy.

There’s support for an impressive number of languages.

Whisper doesn’t come with graphical interface, nor can it record audio. It can only take existing audio files and output text files.

There are some interesting uses of Whisper detailed on the project’s Show and tell page. Examples include a transcriber for WhatsApp voice notes, and a script to burn whisper AI generated transcription / translation subtitles into provided video using ffmpeg.

Whisper has amassed over 25,000 GitHub stars.

Support: GitHub Code Repository
Developer: OpenAI
License: MIT License

Whisper is written in Python. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

Artificial intelligence icon For other useful open source apps that use machine learning/deep learning, we’ve compiled this roundup.

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Tom J.
Tom J.
1 year ago

Whisper is Amazing! I haven’t tried the API for C++ yet but hopefully there’s finally hope for Linux speech recognition!

Gaf the Horse
Gaf the Horse
9 months ago

This is a really useful tutorial on installing and setting up Whisper, so many times tutorials have errors leading to frustration but this one guided me through without a hitch….Many Thanks

Dick D.
Dick D.
8 months ago

No matter the input file size, I got: untyped_storage = torch.UntypedStorage(
torch.cuda.OutOfMemoryError: CUDA out of memory…. Very frustrating.

6 months ago

It didn’t work. How do I uninstall all those massive packages?

6 months ago
Reply to  Mali

possibly with ubuntu 23.04 it doesn’t work? in my case it’s like this, and it is mentioned that at the top (as we ran into issues using Ubuntu 22.10).
It worked on my laptop with ubuntu 22.04,
on my laptop I used anaconda3 instead of the above older version

If you want to uninstall, just remove the directory:
$ rm $HOME/anaconda3

6 months ago

Whisper is awesome.

3 months ago

Long message saying it didn’t work. suggested using pipx after installing pipx tried command but it didn’t like the -U flag. Currently says it is installing without that. Seems to go on for ever, no change in size of Anaconda folder. xubuntu23.10

Wilbur Ince
Wilbur Ince
3 months ago

This worked great! I was able to get this running on Ubuntu 22.04, but had to remove pipx, and reinstall. I did this:
rm -rf ~/.local/pipx
Then just reinstall pipx, and it worked.

Is there a way to clean up the text output of Whisper?

Wilbur Ince
Wilbur Ince
3 months ago

I figured it out! I am using this command to output to a txt file.
whisper intro.wav --model medium --language English --output_format txt