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Linux Candy: nyancat – Terminal-based Pop Tart Cat Animation

Last Updated on May 25, 2022

In Operation

nyancat uses various ANSI escape sequences to render color. It tries to autodetect the terminal size.

Here’s a short video showing the animation in action. In the title bar, there’s a phrase “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya…” The Japanese word nyan is onomatopoeic, imitating the call of a cat (equivalent to English “meow”).

There’s a running timer that shows how long nyancat has been running.

There are various command line flags available.

Here are the main ones:

  • -i – shows the introduction information at startup.
  • -t – telnet mode. openbsd-inetd is recommended but xinetd and systemd, or any other compatible inetd work.
  • -n – removes the timer.
  • -s – doesn’t set the titlebar text.
  • -e – doesn’t clear the display between frames.
  • -d – delay image rendering from 10ms to 1000ms.
  • -f – display the requested number of frames, and then exit.
  • -r, -R, -c, -C, -W, -H, crops the animation.

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