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Linux Candy: CMatrix – terminal based “The Matrix”

Last Updated on May 25, 2022

In Operation

CMatrix by default operates in eye candy mode.

Here’s a short video illustrating a few of the options using the Hyper terminal.

First, we start up CMatrix with the -n argument which disallows bold characters.

Later segments of the video illustrate -r and -m arguments, the former puts the software into rainbow mode displaying the matrix in different colors. The latter fires up a lambda mode where every character becomes a lambda.

There are other options including:

  • Pause and resume.
  • Change the text colour. Available colors are green, red, blue, white, yellow, cyan, magenta and black.
  • Asynchronous scroll.
  • Use old-style scrolling.
  • Adjust the update speed.
  • “Screensaver” mode where the program will exit on any keystroke.
  • Use Japanese characters. The starting, ending, and range for random number (corresponding to the Unicode character) is modified to suit the Japanese character range.

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