KSmoothDock – excellent KDE Plasma 5 desktop panel with parabolic zooming

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Other Features

The application menu has the following features:

  • Traditional cascading application menu, organized by categories.
  • Special menus/items such as Session, Power and Search (using krunner).
  • Consistent look with the dock.
  • Automatically reserve screen space when showing to improve menu readability with translucent effect (this behavior can be turned on/off).
  • Supports drag action (dragging the menu items from the application menu to other destinations).
  • Automatically updating itself when the desktop entries have changed.

There are 4 visibility options:

  • Always Visible: the dock is always visible and reserves part of the screen for itself.
  • Auto Hide: the dock hides itself when the user leaves it and shows itself when the user moves the mouse on the edge of the screen that the dock resides.
  • Windows Can Cover (i.e. Intellihide): allows maximized windows to cover a dock panel. If covered, the dock panel will show itself when the user moves the mouse to the edge of the screen that the dock resides.
  • Windows Go Below: doesn’t reserve screen space but maximized windows will go below a dock, unless the window is set to “Keep Above Others”.

You can set different wallpapers for each desktop.

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