Jabbim – XMPP/Jabber server

Jabbim is a client for communication for the XMPP/Jabber protocol, written in the Python language using Qt, PyQt and Pyxl library, which is a part of the client.

The aim of the Jabbim client is to make Jabber approachable for everyone, so it designed to be a client for common users and beginners.

Jabbim can also be used to connect to conventional Jabber servers as well as Google Talk service.

Jabbim also offers access to the closed networks like MSN, AIM, Yahoo! IM, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu as well as to the IRC.

Features include:

  • Tabbed chat window.
  • Application and chat themes.
  • Graphical emoticons.
  • Visual and sound notifications.
  • Message formatting (XHTML-IM).
  • Typing notifications.
  • File transfer.
  • Advanced groupchat support with room administration and moderation.
  • Groupchat bookmarks and auto-join.
  • Dedicated groupchat browser.
  • Service discovery browser.
  • Privacy lists.
  • Invisibility.
  • Ad-Hoc Commands support to control remote clients and services/bots.
  • Extended statuses (User Tune, User Mood, User Activity, User Chatting).
  • Plugins to extend functionality:
    • JGames – games over Jabber.
    • LogView.
    • Notification.
    • JDM Plugin – Jabbim disk manager.
    • EasyShare offering easy filesharing.
    • Autoupdate.
    • tune.
    • ICQ Responder.
    • Autoaway.
    • Archive.
  • TLS encryption.

Website: www.jabbim.com
Support: FAQ
Developer: The Jabbim Team
License: GNU GPL v2


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