gnome-screenshot – small utility for taking screenshots

gnome-screenshot is a utility used in the GNOME Desktop Environment which takes a picture of the desktop or of a window and saves it into a file.

gnome-screenshot is part of the GNOME Utilities package.

The software depends on GLib 2.36, GTK+ 3.0, and libcanberra-gtk2.

Features include:

  • Makes screen capturing very simple.
  • Select the area of the screenshot.
  • Select the window to be captured.
  • Take a screenshot after a specified number of seconds.
  • Take a screenshot including the border of the screen.
  • Add a shadow bevel effect around the screenshot.
  • Add a border effect to a screenshot.
  • Take a screenshot without window decorations.

Developer: Cosimo Cecchi, Emmanuele Bassi
License: GNU GPL


gnome-screenshot is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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One comment

  1. Don’t grab contextual menus when “Grab the current window” is previously selected. Obviously, the option “Select area to grab” doesn’t work.
    To grab contextual menus you have to select “Grab the whole desktop”.
    An option to select the display screen (multiple monitors) is not available.

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