Gambling Blockers for Linux Devices Explained

Even though most gambling platforms work best on Windows and macOS, gamblers often prefer playing at online casinos using the Linux OS. Some may say it’s impossible, but we must dispel this myth. While before, only a few online casinos supported Linux, now the trend is growing. Reputable gambling operators expand their influence on users of this open-source OS and provide numerous benefits.

Therefore, playing virtual slots and games on the Linux operating system is now more accessible than ever. It’s enough to download a suitable distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora to access the best online casinos. But remember to gamble responsibly, as it’s the key to a successful experience regardless of your OS.

Sticking to Responsible Gambling Rules: Top Self-Exclusion Tools

Although there are many pros and cons of responsible gambling tools like GamStop, the usage of these tools, as well as compliance with responsible gambling principles, are essential regardless of which OS gamers use. Self-exclusion programs are among the most efficient ways to prevent addictions and fight compulsive gambling. But this point is still poorly developed for Linux users – only a few tools are now available.

GamStop as the Most Commonly Used Blocker

GamStop is the most popular self-exclusion program: it is a required UKGC license and covers all gambling and betting websites within the country. The program has numerous advantages: according to statistics, over 80% of participants reported positive results after joining GamStop.

The tool is available for Linux players – they should just download the extension and register in the program. Remember that you can choose the self-exclusion period yourself from six months to five years. However, once players join GamStop, they cannot change their minds and cancel participation. For such players, playing on the non GamStop sites is the only way to keep gambling under self-exclusion.

The self-exclusion program covers a limited number of gambling and betting platforms, so the need for other tools arises. Even though there are few tools available for Linux players, those accessible have proven efficient.

BetBlocker as the Best GamStop Alternative

BetBlocker is another option available for Linux players. It’s also used to cope with gambling addiction and prevent possible problems connected with playing online casinos. Users who do not want to register with GamStop or are playing outside the UK can use BetBlocker as a self-exclusion tool. The app can be installed with a few clicks, so grab a brief guide to activate the tool:

  1. Visit the BetBlocker website & learn what it offers.
  2. Choose Linux OS & download the file.
  3. The installation process will take a few minutes.
  4. Launch the app, and it will work as a background.

It’s worth noting that this program is used not only for preventing gambling problems. It’s also a perfect tool for parental control, as it can restrict access to thousands of online platforms. The service is free, making it even more popular among users.

Why Is the Number of Blockers Limited for Linux?

Gambling via Linux is less popular than using Android or iOS for playing – according to statistics, of 1.6 billion casino members worldwide, only around 3 million prefer using this OS. Therefore, fewer tools and operators have already adapted their services for Linux users. In any case, GamStop and Bet Blocker, considered the most efficient self-exclusion programs globally, are available, which help users prevent any potential problems and limit access to gaming websites for a particular period.

Other Ways to Prevent Negative Consequences of Gambling

Of course, self-exclusion programs are not the only way to avoid gambling addiction and other harmful consequences. Players can develop self-control and adequately manage their time and money spent on a chosen gaming website. Setting limitations and sticking to them is the golden rule of responsible gambling.

Not all online casinos for Linux boast the availability of self-exclusion programs since GamStop and BetBlocker cannot cover each platform. In such an instance, players should develop self-control. Remember that gambling is risky, and there’s always the possibility of losing the entire bankroll.

Additional Tools to Prevent Addiction

Sometimes a self-exclusion program like GamStop or BetBlocker is not enough – as even restriction to access gambling websites doesn’t solve the problem. In such an instance, the addicted player should take advantage of additional support. Every country offers helplines for problem users – for example, UK players can use GamCare, providing appropriate support and timely treatment of compulsive gambling.

Final Thoughts

Gambling blockers are a significant benefit for every casino operator since no one is immune to gaming addiction. It’s a severe disorder, ruining people’s lives, so preventing it is the best solution. Tools like GamStop and BetBlocker are available for Linux players and bring multiple benefits. The affected users can choose the self-exclusion period and switch from playing in a casino to something else. Both services also offer access to helplines and therapy for those who cannot cope with the problem on their own.