fooyin’s new features in v0.4.0 make it the most promising music player

fooyin is a customisable music player that strongly resembles foobar2000. Unlike foobar2000, fooyin is open source and available for Linux. We’ve published a couple of very favourable reviews of fooyin. It’s in an early stage of development but the pace of development is impressive. Early implementation of gapless playback attracted us to this music player.

There’s a new release of fooyin. Probably v0.4.0’s most awesome new feature is the addition of a directory browser widget. Linux music players with a directory browser are few and far between. The only one we really like is Goggles Music Manager.

fooyin’s implementation of a directory browser is spot on. It’s super simple to use, looks great, and there’s easy navigation via the mouse or keyboard.

fooyin directory browser widget
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Why do we like a directory browser for music listening? It’s an extremely useful feature for a number of reasons. If you’ve organised your music collection in folders, it’s great to be able to browse your file system and listen to your music collection. There’s an even more compelling case where the music metadata is not properly organised. And just as important, the directory browser does away with the perennial problem of how to handle multi-artist albums.

Another good improvement with v0.4.0 is that layout editing is now much easier. In earlier versions it was actually hard to get a layout that we liked. For example, we prefer moving the player controls, seek bar and playlist controls down to the bottom. In the latest release it’s much easier to move elements around. And undo/redo functionality lets us revert changes quickly.

Customizable layout
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The developer has also implemented a waveform seekbar. Some people will class this as graphics frippery and not a terribly useful feature for music audiophiles. But lots of people like this type of seekbar. It’s certainly very customisable.

waveform seekbar
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The developer makes lots of good decision choices. The waveform seekbar is an example. It’s been implemented as a plugin and can be disabled.


Another plugin that’s available in the new release is support for MPRIS (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification), a standard D-Bus interface which aims to provide a common programmatic API for controlling media players.


fooyin’s latest release gets a big thumbs-up from us! It’s a really impressive open source music player. There are now packages available for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora.

We’re really looking forward to some of the new features in the program’s roadmap including CUE support, better album artwork support, and lyric support.

Developer: Luke Taylor
License: GNU General Public License v3.0

Fooyin is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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