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Memory Usage

Here’s a chart that shows FLB Music’s memory usage compared to a range of other popular open source music players.

FLB Music - Memory usage

As you can see, FLB Music consumes a lot more memory than the other music players under the spotlight. Of course, some of these music programs are command-line and therefore you’d expect them to be far more frugal. But there’s a good number of graphical music players included.

Why is FLB Music such a memory hog? That’s because it uses Electron, a framework well-known for creating bloated apps.

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  1. It’s refreshing to see coverage of open source software that’s garbage. Too often open source software is portrayed as the bees knees when the majority is turgid. Someone will remind me that great oaks from little acorns grow. That’s possible too.

    What’s a good collective noun to describe turkey open source software?

  2. I honestly couldn’t agree more, i think it is a beautiful player it really does kinda suck functionality wise, I have decent gaming pc and it suffers from severe slowdowns when this app runs and the app itself crashes sometimes. It is a good concept, because I do love the way it looks visually but It needs a lot of work under the hood to be my main player. I scrobble all my music and the lack of that option eliminates this player for me.

  3. I really want to defend FLB Music. But in this instance it would be defending the indefensible.

    That said the developer puts in a lot of work to try to put together his player. That should be applauded. With time the many bugs may be ironed out, essential functionality added, and it’ll be a gem of a player.

    I’m not concerned about gapless playback and never use scrobbling. Within my circle of friends, they fall into the ‘nice to have’ camp, but I understand why some people will not move away from their current music player if the new contender doesn’t have them. I’m just getting into classical music.

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