Eat The Whistle – football game

Eat The Whistle is an arcade football (soccer) game similar to famous Amiga titles such as Kick Off or Sensible Soccer.

It features several game modes where you can play either as the whole team or as a single player, and you can also manage teams that take part in cups and leagues. There is even an arcade mode with powerups and bonuses, like in the game SpeedBall 2.

The game was originally developed by Hurricane Studios as commercial software for the Amiga platform.

Features include:

  • World cup, leagues, cups with real teams (with slightly modified names).
  • Network playing.
  • Very intuitive control method with acceleration/deceleration.
  • More than 550 frames of animations for the players, 300 for the goalkeeper, 100 for the referee and a lot of other graphics.
  • 30 different fields, including muddy, frozen and wet.
  • Time synchronized, faster CPU get faster framerate but not faster gameplay.
  • Fouls, corners, throw-in with an intuitive control system.
  • Role playing (You can play a match as the whole team or only as a player).
  • Game tactics and tactic editor.
  • Heading and other special shots with intuitive controls.
  • Team players (with individual stats).
  • Import SWOS (Sensible word of soccer) teams.
  • Arcade mode with powerups, bonuses… (reminiscent of Speedball II).
  • Choose the time of the match, if the match is played in the evening the players have 4 shadows.
  • Configurable via intuitive menus.
  • Replays (with load/save option).
  • Can be played using the keyboard or joypad/joysticks (USB or Gameport).
  • Cheat modes.

Support: Manual
Developer: Gabriele Greco
License: GNU GPL v2

Eat The Whistle

Eat The Whistle is written in C++ and C. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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