Linux Distributions

Debian – one of the most venerable and well-known Linux distributions

Debian is one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions available, known for its stability, security, and commitment to free software.

It is a free and open-source operating system with a large and vibrant community of developers, contributors, and users.


Working state:Active
Init Software:systemd
Package Management:DEB
Release Model:Fixed release

Production releases approximately every 2 years
Platforms:amd64, aarch64, armel, armhf, i686, mipsel, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x
Developer:The Debian Project
This article is part of our Big List of Active Linux Distros which is currently under development.

What's a Linux distribution ("distro")?

A distro provides the user with a desktop environment, preloaded applications, and ways to update and maintain the system.

Each distro makes different choices, deciding which open source projects to install and provides custom written programs. They can have different philosophies.

Some distros are intended for desktop computers, some for servers without a graphical interface, and others for special uses. Because Linux is an open source operating system, combinations of software vary between Linux distros.
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Torin Doyle
Torin Doyle
29 days ago

Debian is about individual empowerment in a cooperative social environment — about taking responsibility while sharing responsibility.” ~ Branden Robinson {a long time Debian dev who had worked closely with Ian Murdock, paying tribute to his friend}