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Business Process Management (BPM) continues to garner attention in organization and enterprise architecture, bridging information technology and business. It’s a holistic management approach that enhances business effectiveness and flexibility on the basis of a set of standardized IT technologies and tools. BPM software helps to improve business operations by connecting people, processes, and information systems into easily managed applications. Organizations benefit from better control and visibility of their business processes, to help meet the wants of customers and deliver the right goods and services. Business processes that deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility give an organization a competitive advantage. Little wonder that any strategic executive needs to implement effective process management tools and deliver real change.

The majority of BPM software is released under a proprietary software license. However, there are also open source BPM tools that offer the advantage of reduction in costs together with more flexible license terms.

The open source software featured in this article also offer workflow management software which enables organizations to automate processes across departments and systems. Some of the benefits include improved business outcomes, streamlining paperwork, and better utilization of resources.

To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled the following list of open source Business Process Management software. The ratings chart below captures our verdict.

Ratings chart for the best free and open source business process management software

Click the links in the table below to learn about each BPM solution.

Business Process Management
Bonita Open SolutionBusiness process management and workflow suite
ActivitiFast and solid BPMN 2 process engine
jBPMToolkit for building business applications
Imixs-WorkflowWorkflow engine for human-centric business process management
ProcessMakerOptimize business operations and workflow management
RunaWFEBusiness process management system
Joget CENo-code/low-code application platform

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