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11 Best Free and Open Source Solutions for Home Automation

Home automation software is software that lets you control and monitor common home and office appliances using a computer. Home automation used to be confined to turning on and off lights and appliances. But the possibilities are much wider letting users build a wireless network, automate TV and hi-fi, monitor pets when you are away, set up an answering system, create a weather station – integrating an abundance of different home automation technologies into one.

Many home automation systems use proprietary networking protocols. The protocols used will be specific to the company that developed the system. The software company may favor such an approach as it ties the customer to their products only. However, this can only be detriment to the user of the home automation system. It is therefore important to evaluate a home automation system to ensure that it is built on open protocols. All of these solutions are released under an open source license.

Do not think home automation is just for geeks. It is now mainstream and a burgeoning industry. Become an home automation expert and try out these finest open source software for home automation. There are some real gems here. Many users flock to Home Assistant, Domoticz and openHAB, but one of the others listed here may be a better fit for your requirements.

Here’s our verdict captured in a legendary LinuxLinks-style ratings chart. Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion.

Ratings chart

A system with strong compatibility with the functionality you need is your best bet. Above all, try to look for a system that best suits your needs. The possibilities for automated intelligent home control are almost limitless.

Home Automation
Home AssistantHome automation platform running on Python 3
openHABAward winning solution for smart home and the Internet of Things
HomebridgeNodeJS server for home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API
DomoticzAn excellent home automation system
HomeGenieHome automation server for smart connected devices and applications
FHEMPerl server for house automation
Gladys AssistantPrivacy-first home assistant
FreedomoticSecure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework
CalaosHome automation solution and a complete distro
ioBrokerIntegration platform for the Internet of Things
PytomationAutomation system written in Python

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6 years ago

Hi, where is the software list?

6 years ago

And what about OpenMotics? A full open source automation platform! http://www.openmotics.com


5 years ago

The following project looks very promising:


It’s new, open source, very lightweight and portable. Automation rules written in normal Python code. I tried the step-by-step tutorial and was surprised by the concepts and efficiency.

5 years ago

I cannot find here the ioBroker smarthome solution. It has now ca. 30000 mostly in Germany.

Andy Dengate
Andy Dengate
5 years ago
Reply to  Bluefox

Because it isn’t very good…