amp – complete text editor for your terminal

Amp is a modal text editor for your terminal. Keystrokes perform different functions based on the current mode.

Amp is heavily inspired by Vi/Vim. The text editor aims to take the core interaction model of Vim, simplify it, and bundle in the essential features required for a modern text editor. The software is targeted at developers. It’s a modal, keyboard-driven interface that makes navigating and editing text fast.

Amp is written in Rust, a modern, low-level, high-performance language without garbage collection. The software is released under an open source license.

Amp’s internals (data structures, syntax highlighting, workspace management, etc.) have been built as a separate crate: scribe.

Features include:

  • No plug-ins, no configuration. All the essentials are included by default.
  • Built to run inside your terminal or on a server.
  • File finder that quickly indexes and finds files using a simple, accurate matching algorithm. Ignores git directories by default; easily configurable to your own liking.
  • Easy movement.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Fuzzy file finder.
  • Local symbol jump. Move to any class, struct, or method definition within the current buffer. Easily augment the default set of supported languages using the .sublime-syntax format.
  • Basic Git integration.
  • Easy movement – fast, precise cursor movement without repetitive keystrokes or fancy expressions.
  • Flexible keymaps – simple YAML-based key mappings with the ability to compose multiple built-in commands into new, custom macros.
  • Supports UTF-8 (and by proxy, ASCII).

Support: Documentation, GitHub code repository
Developer: Jordan MacDonald and contributors
License: GNU General Public License v3.0


amp is written in Rust. Learn Rust with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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