Afterwriting – post-processing tools for Fountain screenplays

Afterwriting CLI is a command line tool that lets you generate PDF from your fountain script using node.js.

Afterwriting is a place where you can play with some screenwriting tools. You can open screenplays written in Fountain format or Final Draft (it will be converted to fountain).

It provides post-processing tools for Fountain screenplays:

Features include:

  • Coverts Fountain format to PDF.
  • Extract basic screenplay information (number of pages, action/dialogue time, locations, etc).
  • Statistics (location distribution, page balance, dialogue, etc).
  • Script pulse.
  • Primary/secondary characters.
  • Load and sync with Google Drive / Dropbox.
  • Import .fdx files (FinalDraft format).
  • Basic editor with auto-complete.

Support: Blog, GitHub code repository, Twitter
Developer: Piotr Jamróz
License: MIT License

Afterwriting is written in JavaScript. Learn JavaScript with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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