YafaRay – montecarlo raytracing engine

YafaRay (was YafRay) is a powerful raytracer.

It enables users to create fantastic images and animations of a photorealistic quality.

It is an advanced raytracing rendering system with many modern features including full radiosity and High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) for scene lighting. It reads a simple XML-based scene definition file, and can be used as a renderer for Blender.

Features include:

  • Render
    • Full Global Illumination – uses global illumination to produce realistically lit renderings of 3D scenes, using Monte carlo-derived approximations.
    • Skydome Illumination – based mainly on light coming from an emitting sky, taking into account the soft shadows calculations also involved.
    • HDRI Illumination.
    • Caustics – uses photon mapping that allows for caustic (light distortion produced by reflection or transmission such as through a burning-glass).
    • Real Depth of Field.
    • Glossy/Blurry reflections.
  • Modular framework.
  • Integration in 3D suites via plugin.
  • Distributed and multi-thread rendering.

Website: www.yafaray.org
Support: GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Voluntary contributions made by many individuals on behalf of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
License: Radiance Software License


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