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Spring (previously known as TA Spring) is a project to create the best Real-time Strategy (RTS) game engine ever. It has three main goals:

  • Build a flexible and powerful 3D RTS engine that can handle large numbers of units and state-of-the-art special effects and animation.
  • Support new games and mods with powerful built-in Lua language support that allows game designers to realize their goals and develop better and better games.
  • Support end-users, fix bugs and provide the best support.

Spring is designed to be played as online multiplayer matches. It uses a deterministic game simulation which is executed on all game clients.

The engine is written in C++, using OpenGL, OpenAL, FreeType2, DevIL, SDL, GLEW, boost, 7zip, Lua and streflop.

There are numerous mods in different stages of development including Balanced Annihilation, Complete Annihilation, P.U.R.E, Spring: 1p44 and more.

Features include:

  • Very extensive Lua interface, allowing gameplay changes and custom (G-)UIs.
  • Large battles limited only by the power of your computer; support for up to 30000 units and up to 250 players.
  • Full 3D combat in land, sea and air, with realistic weapon trajectories (physics simulation engine).
  • Full featured lobby clients to easily play multiplayer games on LAN or online, with hundreds of players just waiting for you at any time. Including automatic game and map downloading, chat, friends list etc.
  • Complex 3rd party Skirmish AIs (Bots), supporting special game types and many Spring games and mods. They can be coded in Lua, C, C++, all JVM languages (eg. Java), and more languages can be added.
  • Several camera modes, allowing for anything to be viewed from almost any angle.
  • A powerful UI designed to minimize unnecessary micromanagement that is easily extensible via a Lua API.
  • A lot of third party widgets to improve the GUI, the gameplay and the visuals.
  • Hundreds of large and highly detailed maps in which to wage those battles in full 3D, with deformable terrain, forest fires, dynamic and reflective bump mapped water, and custom skies.
  • Rendering features include deformable terrain, 3D projectiles and multiple water renderers.
  • Many different games, made just for Spring.

Website: springrts.com
Support: Wiki
Developer: Many developers have contributed to the work originally written by the Swedish clan SY
License: GNU GPL v2


Spring is written in C++ and Lua. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials. Learn Lua with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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