SOSS – chess tournament software

SOSS is software which pairs the players in chess tournaments, a so called “chess pairing program”.

SOSS is a bit different from other chess pairing programs in that it has a strong focus on the complete event, not only the pairing.

Allegro is used as the graphical platform for SOSS.

Features include:

  • The method for entering the results can be chosen to any (or a combination) of: keyboard, mouse click and bar code reader(s).
  • Manage multiple groups in the same session (e.g. different age-groups in youth events).
  • Carries out splitting into multiple sub groups based on average rating if necessary
  • Clubs are real objects. This minimises the risk that players from the same club appears as coming from different due to mis-spelling of the club name. This is important if team competitions are used.
  • Multiple competitions in one event.
  • Simple to define different types of team competitions, based on individual competitions.
  • Manages the “Schack-4” (chess-4) type of tournament.
  • Also manages leaders etc. (especially useful in youth events).
  • Administrates e-mail and web addresses.
  • Can also be used for bookings like entrance fees.
  • The print outs can be adapted in an arbitrary way concerning the format as well as the content.
  • Generates attractive web pages with customised content (e.g. the current standings, the final results etc).

Support: Manual
Developer: Christer Sandberg, Rasmus Myklebust
License: GNU GPL


SOSS is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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