SAGA – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses

SAGA (System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses) is an open source hybrid Geographic Information System (GIS) software for the analysis of spatial data.

It includes a large number of modules for the analysis of vector (point, line and polygon), table, grid and image data. Among others the package includes modules for geostatistics, image classification, projections, simulation of dynamic processes (hydrology, landscape development) and terrain analysis. The functionality can be accessed through a GUI, the command line or
by using the C++ API.

It features an ‘Application Programming Interface’ (API) for geographic data processing. This API makes it easy to implement new algorithms. The SAGA API supports grid data, vector data, and tables.

It has a fast growing set of geoscientifc methods, bundled in exchangeable Module Libraries.

Features include:

  • File access: interfaces to various table, vector, image and grid file formats.
  • Filter for grids: gaussian, laplacian, multi direction lee filter.
  • Gridding: interpolation from vector data using triangulation, nearest neighbour, inverse distance.
  • Geostatistics: residual analysis, ordinary and universal kriging, single and multiple regression analysis, variance analysis.
  • Grid calculator: combine grids through user defined functions.
  • Grid discretisation: skeletonisation, segmentation.
  • Grid tools: merging, resampling, gaps filling.
  • Image classification:cluster analysis, box classification, maximum likelihood, pattern recognition, region growing.
  • Projections:various coordinate transformations for vector and grid data (using Proj4 and GeoTrans libraries), georeferencing of grids.
  • Simulation of dynamic processes: TOPMODEL, nitrogen distributions, erosion, landscape development.
  • Terrain analysis:slope, aspect, curvatures, curvature classification, analytical hillshading, sink eliminition, flow path analysis, catchment delineation, solar radiation, channel lines, relative altitudes.

Support: Wiki, Forums, FAQ, Mailing List, SAGA User Group Association
Developer: Patrick Chevalley
License: GNU GPL v2


SAGA is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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