Parted – partition manager software

GNU Parted is an open source program that allows you to create, destroy, resize, move, and copy disk partitions. This is useful for creating space for new operating systems, reorganizing disk usage, and copying data to new hard disks.

It consists of a library, libparted, and a command-line front-end, parted, that also serves as a reference implementation.

Parted (after version 2.4) no longer has the ability to create and modify file systems.

GParted and KDE Partition Manager are graphical programs using the parted libraries.

Features include:

  • Supports DOS, Mac, Sun, BSD, GPT, MIPS, and PC98 partitioning formats.
  • “loop” (raw disk) type which allows use on RAID/LVM.
  • Detect and remove ASFS/AFFS/APFS, Btrfs, ext2/3/4, FAT16/32, HFS, JFS, linux-swap, UFS, XFS, and ZFS file systems.
  • Designed to minimize the chance of data loss by performing many safety checks
  • Two modes: command line and interactive.

Developer: Various
License: GNU GPL v3

Parted is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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