LBreakout2 – classic breakout game

LBreakout2 is a game similar to the classics breakout and xboing, featuring a number of added graphical enhancements and effects.

You control a paddle at the bottom of the playing-field, and must destroy bricks at the top by bouncing balls against them. Once all the bricks have been destroyed you then advance to the next level.

The default levels have different difficulty degrees, starting from Kids, continuing with Easy, Medium and finally Hard.

The game features attractive graphics and sound.

This game was the winner of the No Starch Press SDL Game Contest.

Features include:

  • Local and Network games.
  • More than 50 levels.
  • Integrated Level editor.
  • Advanced Options: Convex Paddle, Ball Fire Angle, Warp Limit etc.
  • Make your own themes which allows you to modify all game graphics and sounds.
  • Internationalization support.

Support: Manual, SourceForge Project Page
Developer: Michael Speck
License: GNU GPL v2


This game requires SDL, SDL Mixer (optional), SDL Net (optional), and PNG.

The author has started a remake of LBreakout2. It’s called LBreakoutHD. The new game is in an early stage of development, but it’s one to watch.

LBreakout2 is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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