DiabloRL – roguelike game

DiabloRL is an open source roguelike “unmake” of the popular Blizzard game Diablo 1 classic RPG to a turn-based ASCII roguelike.

The game was created for the 7 Day Roguelike Competition, but has since been expanded with magic items, spells, more classes and levels, as well as fast travelling to known locations, and high scores.

DiabloRL gives you a choice of classes, the Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Each of these has different starting and maximum stats, as well as completely different play styles.

It is written using GenRogue’s Valkyrie Input/Output/GUI library.

Features include:

  • Faithful rendition of the Diablo 1 classic RPG to a turn-based ASCII roguelike.
  • Choice of classes, the Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer:
    • Warrior wades through the minions of hell, wielding deadly melee weapons with ease
    • Rogue slips between groups of enemies with subtle grace, firing volleys from her bow to quickly bring down faraway enemies.
    • Sorcerer wields powerful magic, calling upon them both from his knowledge and from the powers woven inside of particular staves.
  • Highscores.
  • Magic items, spells, quests.
  • Configurable keybindings.

Website: diablo.chaosforge.org
Support: Forums
Developer: Kornel Kisielewicz, Chris Johnson and Mel’nikova Anastasia
License: GNU GPL


DiabloRL is written in Object Pascal. Learn Pascal with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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