Warble – word-guessing game

You may have heard about Wordle, a simple online game that went viral over the past few months. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle who sold it to the New York Times.

Wordle is reminiscent of the late 80’s game show Lingo.

Fancy playing Wordle on your desktop? Warble is inspired by (and not affiliated with) by Wordle. It differs from Warble in a few respects, notably that you’re not limited to one puzzle a day.

Warble is written in Vala and Gtk.


Unless you are using elementary OS, the recommended way to install Warble is from Flathub using Flatpak, an open source containerized package format. A fresh installation of Ubuntu doesn’t include support for Flatpak.

On an Ubuntu system, we therefore first need to install flatpak by opening up a terminal and entering the command:

$ sudo apt install flatpak

We now can install Warble with the command:

$ flatpak install flathub com.github.avojak.warble

A menu entry is added.

There are packages available for Fedora as well as a Snap.


Warble Information

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