Tootle – GTK client for Mastodon

In Operation

Mastodon takes the basic feel of Twitter. The interface is separated into columns that stream your notifications and the timeline of people you follow. Mastodon clients also give the option to access a “local timeline” or “federated timeline”.

With Tootle, there’s a tab at the bottom of the interface that lets you switch quickly between the local timeline and the federated timeline.

Tootle offers a good feature set including support for bookmarks, lists, conversations, watchlists, pin/unpin support, and attachment descriptions.

Here’s an image of Tootle in action.

Click image for full size

The first icon in the window header bar offers access to the Preferences section.

You can turn on the program’s dark theme and adjust the text zoom. By default the software posts to public timelines, but there’s the option to choose between Public, Unlisted, Followers-only, and Direct.

There are also some options to amend the Timelines. We can change the number of posts per page, turn off streaming timelines (so that you don’t receive new posts and notifications in real-time), and turn on the streaming of public timelines.

The next icon in the window header bar lets you compose a new post. The next icon offers access to the search functionality with the ability to refine searches by hashtags. The search view displays results in tabs.

The interface gets a thumbs-up from us.

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  1. Mastadon has a few million users. Compare that to Twitter’s 200 million which puts it into perspective.

  2. Twitter is proprietary spyware created for though control. Compare that to Mastadon’s decentralized infrastructure controlled by the users which puts it into perspective.

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