Spotify TUI – Spotify client for the terminal

Memory Usage

Using the wonderful ps_mem tool, here’s the memory usage of Spotify TUI compared with its graphical counterpart spotify-qt when you first play a song.

Both Spotify TUI and spotify-qt rely on spotifyd to play the music streams. We’ve included spotifyd’s memory consumption in the above chart.

Bear in mind the semi-official Linux client weighs in at 185MB of RAM at startup.

Obviously, memory start-up figures aren’t representative of actual memory usage when using a client over a period of time. From a pre-defined action including searching, playback of many albums, we capture a more representative figure for memory usage in the chart below.

Again the memory figures include spotifyd’s memory footprint. Both clients are very lightweight compared to the semi-official Linux client which hogs around 726MB of RAM.

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