Streaming with Linux: Spotify

spotify-qt – lightweight Spotify client

In Operation

Here’s an image of spotify-qt in action.

Click image for full size

The interface crams in a lot of information. It’s certainly not as visually appealing as the semi-official Spotify client. You lose a lot of the panache. For many music lovers, that’s a positive not a negative. Overall, the interface is well laid out, and functional although things get somewhat cramped when searching for albums and artists.

Not all the functionality available from the Spotify client is available in spotify-qt, but we didn’t find anything missing that is really essential. And some functionality is provided but in a different way. For example, we cannot reorder playlists by dragging and dropping but the Settings menu lets us reorder them.

Gapless playback is handled beautifully by spotifyd.

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Nightly Satin
Nightly Satin
1 year ago

I’d rather cancel my Amazon Prime account than Spotify Premium.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nightly Satin

Me too, Amazon is often not the cheapest and many retailers offer free delivery.