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Last Updated on February 21, 2023

In Operation

Here’s an image of spotify-player in action.

playback in spotify-player
Click image for action

The album’s image cover is showing courtesy of the software’s image rendering support. You’ll need to use a suitable terminal emulator for these high resolution images. We’re running the software from Kitty, one of a very few terminal emulators with that support.

For Kitty, we noted the cover art isn’t displayed in the correct aspect ratio. After raising this with the developer, he promptly¬†added support to configure the cover image length and width. Changing cover_img_length = 9 to cover_img_length = 12 makes the cover art render in the correct aspect ratio in Kitty. The cover art displays fine with cover_img_length = 9 under WezTerm, another terminal emulator that’s capable of displaying high resolution images.

There’s good search functionality as shown in the image below.

Searching spotify-player
Searching in spotify-player

We really like the keyboard shortcuts with sensible defaults chosen. Until you’re fully familiar with them, just press ? to bring them up.

One thing we noticed was that there was no keyboard shortcut to jump forward/back in a track. Instead, we need to use the mouse. That was unusual behaviour for a terminal-based program. After contacting the developer, he added jump keyboard shortcuts immediately. It’s wonderful to have feedback acted upon in such a prompt manner.

If you want lyrics, you won’t be disappointed. The software uses web crawling to get its lyric data.

lyrics of track in spotify-player
Click image for full size

What else is on offer? There’s media control, remote control with Spotify Connect, as well as lots of configuration options.

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