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Qt File Managers Roundup: Excellent Ways to Manage your Filesystem


Krusader and Dolphin are our favorite Qt based file managers. They’re both great examples of open source software at its finest. But there’s real depth in serious alternatives.

Naturally, there are other Qt based file managers we’re not covered. Examples include  fman, DFileBrowser, Scope, qefem, QtCommander, and Beesoft Commander.

These have not been included typically on the grounds that their development ceased many years ago, installation is too problematic (such as Hamsi Manager, Dino, and Andromeda), or in the case of fman because it’s not free software.

Pages in this article:
Page 1 – Krusader, Dolphin, PCManFM-Qt
Page 2 – Double Commander, Konqueror, Deepin File Manager
Page 3 – File Commander, Dfilemanager, ElokabFM
Page 4 – Insight, Qtfm, Yefm
Page 5 – NewBreeze, theFile, Liri Files
Page 6 – Memory comparison
Page 7 – Summary

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