Machine Learning in Linux: GodMode – AI Chat Browser

Artificial intelligence icon Our Machine Learning in Linux series focuses on apps that make it easy to experiment with machine learning. All the apps covered in the series can be self-hosted.

Large Languages Models trained on massive amount of text can perform new tasks from textual instructions. They can generate creative text, solve maths problems, answer reading comprehension questions, and much more.

GodMode is billed as a dedicated chat browser giving instant access to the full webapps of ChatGPT, Bard, Claude 2, Perplexity, Bing, Quora Poe and other AI services all accessible with a single keyboard shortcut. In essence the software simply lets you simultaneously chat with a range of AI services.

Sounds interesting? What’s more interesting is that the project has just added support for Linux.


There really isn’t much of an installation as the project provides an AppImage.

AppImage is a universal software format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application.

AppImage doesn’t really install software. It’s a compressed image with all the dependencies and libraries needed to run the desired software.

To run the software, you execute the AppImage file.

Download the latest version of the AppImage, make the file executable with the chmod u+x [file].AppImage command, and we’re almost ready to run GodMode.

The full source code is also available.

You’ll also need accounts for the majority of the AI services. We had to sign up to some of the services, but this step may not be necessary for you if you’ve used all the available services before.

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8 months ago

I’ve been playing with this on Linux, it’s pretty cool because I have over 30 years Linux and Internet experience and this significantly raises my researching capabilities.